Why is basic research so important for innovation?

Innovation offers consumers  the best cosmetic solutions, i.e. the most relevant and the best performing. This requires a better understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of skin biology. Only basic science can help us discover these mechanisms and the way to act on them.

What are the major challenges in collaborating with universities?

Universities are dedicated to generating knowledge and our company to applying it for product development. The challenge lies in finding the right way to work together to enable this transformation. Clear communication of both objectives is key and must be followed by discussions and joint decisions.

What do you value most about the CD Laboratory funding model?

Chanel is always striving for excellence. The partnership enables us to finance academic research with the best experts, to address fundamental questions and to develop new scientific models. It gives us access to cutting-edge technology at the universities. Finally, the funding scheme enables us to contribute to scientific development and to the education of young researchers in a strategic research field.

Sandra Forestier, Head of the Chanel Biology and Clinical Research Department

Interview in April 2021

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