Application for a CD Laboratory

The way to a CD Laboratory generally begins with a research question that a company cannot answer with its own research capacities. Scientists often also approach a company with ideas. In collaboration between the company and a scientist, a sophisticated, multi-year research programme for dealing with this issue is developed.

The assessment of an application for establishing a CD Laboratory follows a clear procedure. Critical and objective evaluations ensure the high claim to quality of the CD Laboratory.


In advance of the formal application, the CDG Secretariat offers information and advice. It is recommended to utilise this offer so that the key points of the application and any special features of the research unit can be discussed early on. It is also expedient for the planned commercial partners to come to the CDG for a consultation, so that they can learn about the principles of the funding programmes first hand.


The General Secretariat of the CDG is happy to provide information at all times:

General Secretariat

The application

The application to set up a CD Laboratory is draftet by the scientist in coordination with the commercial partner and submitted to the CDG Secretariat. In this capacity, the scientist represents the respective university or research institution.

CD Laboratories can be set up both at Austrian and non-Austrian universities and non-university research institutions. Non-university research institutions must offer a scientific environment that is comparable to those found at universities. Business cooperation partners can be Austrian and, under certain conditions, foreign companies.

In addition to this core model, there is the possibility to carry out sub-areas of the scientific activity of a CD Laboratory at another university or non-university research institution. Modules are set up at those locations for this purpose. Depending on the location of the module such an external module can be an Austrian or an international module.

Guidelines for the Establishment of a CD Laboratory

The Guidelines for the Establishment of a CD Laboratory contains all details on the structure of the application and the necessary documents:

Guidelines for the Establishment of a CD Laboratory


For commercial partners of a CD Laboratory, all relevant aspects are summarised in the Information on Membership of the Christian Doppler Research Association:

Information on Membership

Key data of the programme

Who can submit?Highly qualified scientists at universities or non-university research institutions

7 years:

2-year introductory phase
3 years first phase of extension
2 years second phase of extension

Min. annual budgetEUR 140.000

Max. annual budget

EUR 750.000

nature of researchapplication-oriented basic research
proportion scientific freedomca 30% (basic research)
proportion exp. developmentnone
financing from the public purse

50 % of eligible costs

If SMEs are involved 60% (in proportion of the SME's involvement

financing from the private sector (commercial partners)

50 % of eligible costs

If SMEs are involved 40% (in proportion of the SME's involvement)

no contributions in kind considered eligible


Applications to set up a CD Laboratory can be submitted at any time. In order for the application to be dealt with for the first time at the next session of the CD Scientific Board, it must be received by the CDG Secretariat not later than five weeks before the next session.

Session dates


The application is to be drafted in English and an electronic version submitted to the CDG Secretariat. The application comprises several sections, including a description of the research project, the research, time and cost plan, details on the infrastructure, the CV of the applicant as well as a description of the employees of the CD Laboratory and a presentation of the commercial partner.


All key points of the CD model are laid out in the Richtlinie für das Programm CD-Labors EN

The evaluation of the application and the decision

The evaluation of whether the CD Laboratory is worth funding is based on two main criteria:


  • Scientific quality of the proposed research work
  • Scientific qualification of the intended Head of Laboratory and his/her ability to lead a research group

The evaluation procedure begins with a formal check of the application by the CDG Secretariat. If the formal criteria are met, the application is forwarded to the CD Scientific Board. The process in the CD Scientific Board involves three steps:


  • The initial evaluation: This is where a decision is reached as to whether the research project has the quality and the intended Head of Laboratory the qualifications to justify a subsequent assessment by external experts.
  • The external review procedure (peer review) and the following critical consultation on these reviews.
  • The holding of a scientific hearing in front of the CDG Scientific Board, in which the Head of Laboratory has the opportunity to present the research project.

Next, the CDG Scientific Board makes a recommendation to the CDG Executive Board. This committee subsequently decides about the establishment of the CD Laboratory.

Following approval of the application by the CDG Executive Board, the CD Laboratory applied for can be established. The first establishment steps can be found in the Handbook on the Operation of a CD Laboratory.

Operating a CD Laboratory

Research units

CD Scientific Board

CDG Executive Board

The evaluation procedure for the CD model

The evaluation procedure for the CD model is laid down in the Evaluation Handbook for CD Laboratories:

Evaluation Handbook for CD Laboratories

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