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Why is basic research so important for innovation?

For us as a pharmaceutical company, basic research provides us with an understanding of the function of certain organisms and their interactions; this in turn informs applied research and allows us to develop new products. It shows industrial researchers that one needs patience and perseverance in order to discover new scientific interactions.

What are the major challenges in collaborating with universities?

Universities of course focus on basic research and teaching, while our company concentrates on innovative solutions for patients, which can also lead to different expectations regarding the timescale of projects. It is nevertheless obvious that nowadays basic research and applied research need each other in order to cope with increasing scientific complexity.

What do you value most about the CD Laboratory funding model?

The funding model is unique because the projects are selected jointly by the university and industry, which I believe improves the chances of success. Cooperation with CD Laboratories also means that industry can afford to take the risk of obtaining fundamental knowledge before developing a drug for patients.

Dipl.-Volkswirt Christian Fechner, Head of Finance and Administration RCV, Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG

Interview in September 2018

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