The CDG is a non-profit association. The members are companies active in research, that participate in CD Laboratories and/or JR Centres. Specifically, the corporate members are expected to enter into a long-term partnership with one or more research units and to be able to implement the knowledge gained there in new products or procedures. Within the scope of a Public Private Partnership arrangement, the companies jointly finance the research of the CD Laboratories and JR Centres with the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy and the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development. In addition to performing its role as a funding institution, the CDG can also act as a cooperation platform, whereby the stakeholders themselves do the organising and further develop the funding model of the CDG together.

Representatives of the public sector, scientists and company representatives work together in the committees of the CDG

All corporate members of the CDG are represented in the General Assembly. The General Assembly appoints the CDG Executive Board and takes decisions on the statutes and the audit report.

The CDG Executive Board (“Kuratorium”) takes all decisions on matters of principle and structure that are not reserved for the General Assembly and is tasked with the management of the research association. It consists of up to 20 members from business and academia as well as representatives from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and from sister institutions. The CDG Executive Board appoints the CDG Scientific Board and takes all decisions with regard to research units and the membership of companies.

The CDG Scientific Board (“Senat”) is the scientific advisory committee of the CDG and ensures the quality of the research. It gives form to the scientific framework of the funding programmes, assesses applications for the establishment of CD Laboratories and JR Centres as well as applications for changes to existing research units. It also evaluates the progress of research in the context of interim evaluations. The CDG Scientific Board comprises around 45 highly qualified individuals from the worlds of science and business and is arranged into two commissions: the CD Scientific Board is responsible for CD Laboratories, the JR Scientific Board for JR Centres.

The General Secretariat of the CDG is a service facility for researchers, companies, public funding providers, committees and functionaries. It answers all questions on the funding programmes and supports the research units during their entire life cycle.


The Christian Doppler Research Association is an association whose activities are determined and implemented by the General Assembly, the Executive Board, the Scientific Board and the General Secretariat. The research performed at the CD Laboratories and JR Centres is financed in the form of a Public Private Partnership.

Organisational structure of the CDG

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