Goals and measures

The CDG pursues business and socio-political objectives. It contributes to the building of a society in which people can develop their entrepreneurial and scientific skills. Consequently, they create benefit and advantages for Austrian business and science and thus for Austria as a whole.

The CDG achieves this goal by funding the joint research of companies and universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions as the basis for future innovation. Both partners - science and business - are indispensable and make equivalent contributions.

The goals of the CDG at a glance

  • To boost application-oriented basic research
  • To strengthen universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions
  • To strengthen the research and business location of Austria with innovative power and competitiveness
  • To support the transfer of knowledge and technology between the scientific partners and companies
  • To improve the structure of the national innovation system

The measures of the CDG at a glance

  • Funding research at the interface of science and business, in particular through the establishment and financing of CD Laboratories and JR Centres.
  • Encouraging companies to perform basic research and scientists to cooperate with business
  • Funding the next generation of scientists
  • Creating a self-organised cooperation platform for science, business and the public purse for the joint development of the CDG funding model

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