Thematic Clusters

CD Laboratories and JR Centres can be established for all topics for which companies have a need for research. The funding programmes of the CDG do not impose any guidelines or restrictions on the themes. Nevertheless, a certain cluster of themes has developed over the years. Close collaboration of research units within a cluster is encouraged by the CDG but not demanded. Competition considerations of the respective commercial partners also play a role in this.
The research topics can be allocated to any of seven clusters.

CDG research units by thematic clusters 2022



The importance of chemistry leads to highly heterogeneous research areas of the research units in this cluster. They explore enzymes and bioprocesses as well as the structure of paper and its basic components. At the same time, new possibilities for the use of proven technologies and materials are investigated and further developed.

Life Sciences and Environment


In this cluster, research is predominantly aimed at obtaining a better understanding of cellular and biophysical processes. Topics include, for example, the quest for new drugs or the industrial production of organic substances. Some research units in this cluster dedicate themselves to the research of well known environmental problems and possible solutions.

Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation


Machines and instruments simplify our lives and enhance our scope. Research in this cluster therefore focuses as much on instruments for the field of medicine and on materials diagnostics as is does on the modelling and improvement of a wide range of machine types.

Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Electronics


The optimisation of computer-based solutions and the expansion of their application represent an important area of research in this cluster. Analyses and model-based calculations of special physical or mathematical processes are also performed.



The medically oriented research units focus on better diagnostic and treatment options for human diseases. Particular attention is paid to certain oncological diseases as well as inflammatory processes and immune processes in the human body.



Whether metal processing and allyos, lightweight construction or dentistry – materials are the basis of all products. Fundamental research is needed to improve materials for instance in terms of stability, malleability or lightness. This includes the analysis of the material’s structure as well as the optimisation of production processes.

Economics, Law and Social Sciences


This cluster is the only one not to focus on topics of technical or natural sciences and therefore it demonstrates the CDG's openness to all topics in which companies have a need for basic research. For example the research units in this cluster are dedicated to the impacts of an ageing society or sustainable product management

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