Compliance Guideline

Compliance Guideline of the CDG

The CDG is committed to scientific excellence in the allocation of research funds. Applications are eval-uated according to the highest international standards and research funding is awarded according to the principle of scientific quality, taking into account the potential to use the research results as a starting point for solving applied problems. The results of the research are taken up by the member companies of the CDG and form an important basis for their innovation.

As the central research funding organization of the federal government and as a non-profit association with approximately 200 member companies worldwide, we feel responsible for the fair treatment of our employees, our members and stakeholders and for the fair and transparent allocation of funding.

We are committed to the principles of objectivity, independence, transparency and cost-effectiveness. Our Compliance Guideline supports the employees and board members of the CDG in the responsible performance of their duties. It is the basis for morally, ethically and legally impeccable conduct.

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