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Partners of Christian Doppler Research Association

The CDG forms an important interface between business and science. It enables cooperations between companies and scientists in CD Laboratories and JR Centres. As a Public Private Partnership, this collaboration is also characterised by the interaction of public purse and private sector.

The cooperation model of the CDG offers advantages for everyone involved: business, science and public purse.

Funding programmes

Funding model of the CDG as partnership

The partnership-style involvement of business, science and the public sector ensures the success of the CD Laboratories and JR Centres and at the same time creates individual benefits for each of the partners.


For the commercial partners of a research unit, the attractiveness of the funding model of the CDG exists primarily in the following points:

  • Building up basic knowledge
  • Sustainable competitive advantages from the acceleration and deepening of innovation processes
  • Strategic alliances with the world of science
  • Little administrative burden, as the scientist is responsible for the formal application and the management of the research unit.


Companies will find all relevant aspects of collaborating in a CD Laboratory or JR Centre in the Information on Membership of the Christian Doppler Research Association.

Information on membership

Business Partners


For universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutions as hosts of CD Laboratories and JR Centres, the funding model of the CDG is particularly attractive for the following reasons:

  • Excellent scientific research
  • Funding the next generation of scientists
  • Close contact with research companies


Scientists will find all information on their funding programme and for making an application in the Guidelines for the Establishment of a Christian Doppler Laboratory or a Josef Ressel Centre.

Guidelines for the Establishment of a CD Laboratory

Guidelines for the Establishment of a JR Centre (in German)

Science Partners

Public sector

The funding model of the CDG is particularly attractive to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy and the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development for the following reasons:

  • As a Public Private Partnership model, companies finance the research work of the research units together with the public purse.
  • It makes a contribution to securing Austria as a location for research and business for the long term.
  • Several federal provinces support the establishment of research units with suitable start-up financing.
  • For the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy, the funding programmes of the CDG are amongst the most important instruments for funding research at the interface of science and business.

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