Cooperation between science and business

The CD model enables cooperations between science and business that are meaningful, useful and productive both for the participating partners and for society. The cooperations are generally structured in the following way: The research group elaborates knowledge that flows into the development of new products and processes at the commercial partner. A brisk exchange of knowledge, experience and questions between the partners prevails throughout the collaboration. This type of research cooperation therefore differs fundamentally from contract research.

JR Centres keep the companies up to date with new scientific developments through their integration into the scientific community. They therefore also perform a ‘radar function’ for the commercial partners.

Attractiveness of JR centres from the perspective of business partners

For the commercial partners of a JR Centre, the attractiveness of the funding programme exists primarily in the following points:

  • Building up basic knowledge
  • Sustainable competitive advantages from the acceleration and deepening of innovation processes
  • Strategic alliances with the world of science

Attractiveness of JR Centres from the perspective of the universities of applied sciences

For the scientific partners - universities of applied sciences as operators of JR Centres - the funding programme is particularly attractive for the following reasons:

  • Excellent scientific research
  • Funding the next generation of scientists
  • Close contact with research companies

JR Centres create benefit for business and science in equal measure. Their involvement delivers numerous advantages - for commercial partners, scientific partners and Austrian society as a whole.


The CD model: Strong roots, many fruits

Two essential conditions must be met at the start of a CD Laboratory or a JR Centre. A company must have a concrete requirement to extend its knowledge on a particular topic and a scientist must be interested in undertaking basic research in this application-oriented area.
The partners then develop a joint research programme and its fruits include publications, patents and careers. The CDG’s funding model gives its research units a high degree of flexibility.

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