Why is basic research so important for innovation?

If our innovations were only based on applications, we would not understand the scientific background.  The systematic comparison of methods, the wide-ranging experiments and the comprehensive patent searches and literature reviews – they all provide the foundations for successful applications.  However, you have to remember that both sides are important.

What are the biggest challenges in collaborating with universities?

The companies’ time pressure (time to market) poses a large challenge that is not present in pure scientific work and is often just not possible.  And there are obviously different expectations with regard to funding:  the goals of company-driven research cannot relate only to funding possibilities.

What do you like most about the CD Laboratory funding scheme?

The “pressure” to work together for a longer period is very positive and provides scope for wide-ranging systematic work without too much time pressure.  An open and constructive dialogue is also beneficial for other topics.  In addition, the companies’ scientific work receives financial support, without which it may well not be possible.

KR Dr. Reinhard Schretter

Managing Director of Schretter & Cie GmbH & Co KG

Interview in April 2019


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