Why is basic research so important for innovation?

Many everyday technologies, such as electric drives and digital computers, are based on the results of basic research. These research results are an essential prerequisite for overcoming technical hurdles and creating new innovative products.

What are the major challenges in collaborating with universities?

The industry needs to understand that research results cannot simply be ‘ordered’ – research is characterised by an open approach to results. And universities should understand that it benefits society and therefore university research to steer academic research questions towards economically relevant innovations.What do you value most about the CD Laboratory funding model?

What do you value most about the CD Laboratory funding model?

A direct and straightforward exchange of ideas, questions and approaches between industry and research institutions allows industrially and academically relevant issues to be identified and specifically addressed using a bottom-up approach. And these questions should be answered after seven years so that new topics can be worked on.

Dr. Peter Prenninger, Research Coordinator at AVL List GmbH

Interview in September 2018

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