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Why is basic research so important for innovation?

Without knowledge of the biological mechanisms, we cannot develop new concepts to treat patients who have lost extremities or suffered lameness in them.  The innovative methods we have developed include selective nerve transfer and pattern recognition algorithms to control prostheses.

What are the biggest challenges in collaborating with universities?

Apart from the different expectations – “publish v. patent” – the level of interdisciplinarity is a particular challenge in our collaboration.  It is vital for the partners to exchange information so that we can bridge the gap between medicine and technology.

What do you like most about the CD Laboratory funding scheme?

CD Laboratories give us the chance to try out various techniques and methods that are at such an early stage that we cannot possibly predict whether they will work.  The 50% level of support provided to the CD Laboratory also lets us pursue approaches that would simply be too much of an economic risk without such backing.

Dr. Andreas Goppelt

CTO and Director of Ottobock‘s Vienna office

Interview in April 2019

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