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The Christian Doppler Research Association has been active for more than 25 years and has grown continuously since then. In 2023, 97 CD Laboratories and 18 JR Centres contributed to science, innovation and progress. The research budget of the research units was more than 40 million euros.






CDG: highest numbers of joint publications between science and business

Patent relevance: About 250 of 1,000 publications are cited in patents,an internationally leading figure

Publications of CD Laboratories and JR Centres are extremely highly cited (field-weighted citation impact = 1.54)

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Statistical data on the CDG 2023


197 companies were regular members of the Christian Doppler Research Association in 2023, about 25% of them from abroad.


Over 1,270 people work in the CDG's research units, a large proportion of them are in the digitisation cluster "Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics" and in Life Sciences/Medicine.




Over 1.040 scientific staff members produced over 430 scientific publications, participated more than 1.500 times in conferences and laid the foundation for over 30 patents and announcements of inventions.

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