How important is basic research for innovation?

That depends very much on the application area but basic research generally paves the way for innovation to arise.  You have to think long-term:  it sometimes takes years for the results of basic research to lead to actual applications.

What are the biggest challenges in collaborating with universities?

I see a large potential; Infineon is successfully working together with numerous universities throughout the world.  The key thing is to define the mutual expectations in advance.  It is important to have clear rules, for example relating to safeguarding intellectual property and to publishing results.

What do you like most about the CD Laboratory funding scheme?

The scheme enables companies to collaborate with universities on problems with a longer-term time horizon.  The framework has enabled sustainable research groups to be established in the university environment.  At the same time, the scheme has the flexibility to change its research programme during a CD Laboratory’s operation.

Dipl.-Ing. Josef Fugger, Director R&D – KAI, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Interview in April 2019

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