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13.07.2023: The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Piezoelectric Silicon MEMS with Enhanced Sensitivity and Responsivity, headed by Michael Schneider, with commercial partners Infineon Technologies AG and scia Systems GmbH, opens at TU Wien.

So-called "piezoelectric MEMS" (microelectromechanical systems) are tiny components (mostly in the micrometre range) that can both generate electrical signals through mechanical movements and, conversely, produce mechanical movements by means of electrical voltage and also act as sensors, which is invaluable for a wide range of modern applications from ultrasonic sensors to autonomous driving. But even this fascinating technology can still be improved, especially in terms of noise reduction in the sensor area or in terms of increasing the mechanical movement that can be generated: Head of Laboratory Schneider (pictured with component) and his team are researching to lay the foundations for just such improvements, which will ultimately benefit industry and consumers alike!

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