31.08.2022: Ukrainian Scientists in CDG Research Units: Interview with Natalia Burkina

After briefly introducing the three young Ukrainian scientists that received the CDG crisis support to work in CDG research units for 12 months before, we conducted interviews with two of them earlier this month. So in today's final part of this series Natalia Burkina talks with us about her research at Michael Hellwig’s JR Center at FH Vorarlberg.

What are you researching at the moment?
Now I am working in developing Business Analytics, Machine Learning and Optimization approaches for modelling, forecasting and prediction of sustainable development sectors according ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Criteria. Analyses of the business potential of partner companies on regional, national, and international levels as well as conducting dynamic risk assessments could support decision-makers to help to identify risks and manage them in uncertain scenarios.

What are your next scientific goals?
Of course, I am going to continue models' development for sustainable growth and the increased resilience of the entire economic system. But it is also interesting to consider global problems in the areas of poverty, health, inequality, climate change as well as more local problems such as optimization of the enterprises' business processes, logistics problems or working with clients' databases. Also, I'd like to implement new technologies, methods, innovative ideas, insights, as well as effective teamwork tools in the learning and researching student processes.

What do you particularly appreciate about the funding model of JR Centres?
In my opinion, it's so valuable that JR Centres implement S2B (science and business) cooperation providing application-oriented research on a high level which is an important part of innovation development in all areas of business with the use of analytical tools developed by scientists. It is very important for the national economy, companies, and universities. Moreover, it is very significant that the JR Centre provides joint financing by the public purse and companies and gives crisis support for researchers.

Dr. Natalia Burkina conducts research at the JR Centre for Robust Decision Making.

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