Prof. Dr. Paul Hoyningen-Huene studied physics as well as philosophy. He earned his doctorate in theoretical physics at the University of Zürich. After research studies and lectureships at various universities in the German speaking region as well as the United States he was professor of foundational theory and history of the sciences at the University of Konstanz. Later Paul Hoyningen-Huene became the founding director of the Centre for Philosophy and Ethics of Science at the University of Hannover. His interests of research are among others the technological usability of the sciences and the responsibility of scientists and engineers.

Er beschäftigt sich unter anderem mit der technischen Verwertbarkeit der Wissenschaften und mit der Verantwortung von WissenschafterInnen und IngenieurInnen.


Prof. Dr. Carl Christian von Weizsäcker received his PhD in Basel in economics. Already at the age of 27 he became professor at the University of Heidelberg. Subsequently he was professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the universities of Bern, Bonn and Köln.

His research focus is in welfare economics with adaptive preferences and in capital theory. In the last few years he tried with his research work to show ways out of the world’s finance crisis and Euro crisis. Further on he contributed studies for climate policies.


The CD Laboratory for Early Stages of Precipitation was jointly headed by Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Ernst Kozeschnik and DI Dr. Harald Leitner. In cooperation with partners of the Austrian metallurgic industries they focussed their research on optimising high-performance materials. The research results led to innovation of products and manufacturing processes of the commercial partners.


In addition the CD Laboratory had positive impacts on the careers of both lab heads: Ernst Kozeschnik, previously professor at the Graz University of Technology, was appointed professor at the Vienna University of Technology. Harald Leitner, employed by the Montanuniversität Leoben, moved to a leading position at Böhler Edelstahl GmbH & Co KG. Several companies of the voestalpine group were partners of the CD Laboratory. The Head of Research and Development is Dr. Franz Androsch.


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