20 Years of the Christian Doppler Research Agency

For the past 20 years the Christian Doppler Research Agency has been successfully stimulating collaboration between science and business. Christian Doppler Laboratories were the first funding scheme in Austria to bring commercial companies directly to the basic research at universities to increase their competitiveness. The scheme for collaboration was developed by researchers from the industries, scientists at universities and governmental experts, working together and as equals. It laid the foundation for the Christian Doppler Research Agency in its present form, a platform driven by and supported by research.


Always in tune with the times

Over the years the CDG has continuously developed, adapting its funding scheme to the needs of the many different branches in the private sector as well as to those of the relevant scientific disciplines. The topics investigated now range from the extraction of metals and mechanical engineering through the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, medicine and information and communication technologies all the way to the service sector. The research is undertaken at universities, universities of applied sciences and non-university research institutions in Austria and elsewhere in Europe. It was not easy to accommodate the requirements of such a heterogeneous group but the CDG has managed to do so.


A success story

The Christian Doppler scheme is accepted as best practise within Austria and abroad.  Some key figures illustrate the CDG’s success. Since 1995 the number of Christian Doppler Laboratories has risen from 14 to the current level of 73 and there are also 7 Josef Ressel Centres. While at the start five companies active in research participated in CD Laboratories, at present about 150 companies are intensely involved in basic research within the CDG funding scheme. Approximately 300 million euro has enabled countless diploma projects, doctoral theses and professorial qualifications and funded numerous publications and patents.


“The story of the Christian Doppler scheme’s success is unfinished as we cannot know today what science and business will need tomorrow. This is why we are paying attention to long-term developments and always critically question what we are doing. We are constantly open to new areas, topics and questions and are not satisfied with simple solutions. We think it is important to try out genuinely new things and to learn from the results. In a way we are aiming to prepare the ground for the continued growth of science and the economy. We shall continue to promote research as actively as we can in the next 20 years.”

Univ.Prof. Dr. Reinhart Kögerler
President of the Christian Doppler Research Association